Alan Moore (1953 -    )

Alan Moore has written for and originated various comics series, including Saga of the Swamp Thing, 2000 A.D., Superman, Marvelman, Watchmen, V For Vendetta (adapted into a lousy film without Moore's endorsement), WildC.A.T.S., Supreme, Tom Strong, his tour de force From Hell (adapted into a lousy film without Moore's endorsement), The Lost Girls, Promethea, etc.  Watchmen, next to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, remains an unprecedented and unrivalled amalgamation of the comic art form, politics, mysticism and literature.


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List of Works/Involvement



2000 A.D.


Saga of the Swamp Thing


Swamp Thing


Captain Britain


Time Twisters




Superman: Man of Tomorrow






Tom Strong


V for Vendetta


Batman: The Killing Joke




Wild Worlds


Alan Moore's Writing For Comics







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"The mainstream is almost always deathly dull. The only place that you seem to find anything of any value is at the margins of any of these cultures, at the fringes of pop and of cinema and comics and books."





"It seems to me that an awful lot of the energy that we put into war is actually misplaced and perverted erotic energy. The people we send off to fight our wars are always our youngest and most sexually charged members of the population, our young people...And then there is the weird sexual language of warfare. For example, when America bombed Libya, the bomber pilots took off from Britain and came back to us saying that they shot their rockets right up Libya's back door."

























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