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Poetry by Anastasia Clark 

Anastasia Clark is the author of three full length collections published by Sun Rising Poetry Press: Grieving With PoetryBloodsongs,  and Skeletons and Other Complaints. Her poem, "Old Volcanoes," was nominated for the 2005 Pushcart Prize.  Anastasia's new book, Vagabond Pond, is soon to be released.  Visit her site:




© 2005  Anastasia Clark




The Grape Smashers


We distill grapes

On bedroom windows

And drink a gallon

Of despair-



There in the beak

Of loneliness



At the peak

Of poverty


Yes, you and I

The grape smashers:


Across a city


You in your hi-rise

And me on the street-

Shaking our bottles


At invisible windows


Lest we should ever meet.





All work is copyrighted property of Anastasia Clark.





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