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Poetry by Andrew Slattery 

Andrew is the 2004 Harri Jones Memorial Prize for Poetry winner and author of Love and Other Ways to Pass the Time (Arrangement Media 2003).  He lives in Australia.



© 2006 Andrew Slattery







Squert staine rubbah mollusky
inc sak blac squeec skquilch.

Fishamen lien squeen frillen
spraye sucky schwarzen blotch.

Dye oooze spitte slimest tubillar
sheethe tentercalls, bitte goswim slinked.

Heavar reelsin renchin marinue
sunshinery, calamarine, triestina.

Suction scquint, absume mosterine
quate squosh floppisch blötah fluidar.

Whooked strippy bate ripup
sineof Pacificky, sireof flaccidity, catchier kutte.

Billo balloone inflatio increashure
spowte agush surdgey expellar.

Neinspine slither pundle glines
inc aslide, inkle quilly squiden.

Ill pencile inc mone collanse
squappy hotten squinch.

Marintello foddir forridge
nertcher feaston squidinar.

Tintenfisch einen squippen
reelay spülle sandymount tage.

Albow briney floan allofty
tossen weedwater inne osheen.

Weiß aflesh appalia daise
plungyed deap bluest sea.








The dazzle of rosellas flee
the ocean park for the valley

they flap west and suck
all colour from the sky

it sticks to their backs
like a muddled sketch

leaving the coast a bleak
stretch of monotone.








Before bed, I go barefoot on the black lawn
to soak my soles in the last of the sun's kind.

The stars lock off and the tar road contracts
the only sound; a cat far off vomits a snail.

>From somehwere streams the wild tang
of meat hissing on a black barbecue-

a piff of bonesmoke declares itself then fades.
Something in the grass jiggles at my toe.








All work is property of Andrew Slattery.




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