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Poetry by Aurora Antonovic 

Aurora Antonovic is a Canadian writer and visual artist whose poetry has recently appeared over three hundred times in seven countries and five continents in publications such as Adagio Verse Quarterly, Blind Man's Rainbow, Promise, Reflections, BlackMail Press, Above Ground Testing, and Poetic Voices.




© 2004  Aurora Antonovic




New York Cocktail Party


In a sea of little black numbers

And perfectly coiffed bobs

I am the

Only one

Wearing red silk

And long, misbehaving curls.

In panic, I say to you,
"I am the only one not dressed in black!"

You smile, lean forward,

Kiss my neck

And wickedly whisper,

"I know!"






You've become

A bad habit

Like Coke

First thing in the morning,

Or endless bottles of


I can ill afford

But seem to crave all afternoon


Procrastinating, like

Not cleaning the lint screen

Each time I use the dryer

Thinking next time will turn into

This time


Reading until two am when

I have to get up at five


Skipping supper


 Buying sweaters

I know I'll never wear


Collecting toe rings


Lip gloss

In every sticky shade


Not really needing any of these things

But not wanting to do without either


So you've become, like,

This addiction


But I can give you up

Any time I want


Yeah --

Any time I want



Sunday Night Supper


Food tastes better

When eaten while I'm nestled in your arms;

Even cold, day old rice,

Takes on a certain exotic flair

When you feed it to me,

With worn chopsticks

While I sit on your lap,

And lean against your chest,

And feel the softness of

Your favourite T-shirt,

While your beard tickles

 My face.



All work is copyrighted property of Aurora Antonovic.



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