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Poetry by Bradley Thomas 

Bradley lives in Norcross, Georgia.


© 2006 Bradley Thomas





When Her Husband Died


She stood on the balcony of her bedroom
And began howling into the night at a bright pulsing blue star
Speaking in the language only her husband knew
When they were intertwined as one
Sounding like a woman in intercourse with the sky
Until a bright star suddenly appeared
She continued in this seemingly personal relationship
With the unbound persona in the night sky
While the star pulsed like the feel of a beating heart close to its lover
She stopped and appeared to be listening while the star's pulse continued
Then it suddenly slowed to a quick stop
The conversation was over
No longer feeling alone she smiled and went inside the house
And fixed a hot cup of tea, checked her email
Prepared the next day's schedule of work, then retired for the night
She took one last look at her husband's picture on the nightstand
And went to sleep knowing she was loved
This went on for five months

Then one night she came out into the front yard
She looked anxious, as if she was called out into the night
She immediately looked up and saw the familiar bright blue star
She sang to for the last five months
But she would not sing tonight
She saw a white brighter star next to her blue star
It was constant, still, and seemed to be waiting for something
The blue star did not pulse like it did before
It remained constant like the white star for about five minutes
Then it began to pulse, slowly.
She only listened.  She dropped her head, saddened.
She looked up again to see both stars disappear completely from sight
She went inside and took the picture of her husband from the bedroom night stand
And put it on the fireplace mantle along with her deceased mother
And her only deceased brother
The lifelong relationship with her husband finally ended
And for the first time since his death
She finally grieved for herself




All work is property of Bradley Thomas.


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