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Poetry by Bradley Thomas 

Bradley lives in Norcross, Georgia.




© 2005  Bradley Thomas





What were you thinking when you left?
You turned off as easily as a radio
And dismantled our drive train for spare parts
We were no longer functional
I touched you.  Your eyes found me
But they were as empty as harvested cornfields

Remember when we went to upstate New York
It was winter in the Adirondacks
We went outside and smelled the scent
Of our freshly made snowman from new fallen snow
Remember when we awoke to the tawny light
Of the cold mountain morning
Angled from window to mirror
To our half sleepy eyes?

Since then you have darkened
You are murkier than the Hudson
There's not enough rain to wash away
The blackness that won't relinquish your heart
Nor did I sound its depths
You needed a healing I could never give
Nor would you have ever asked for it
Looking back I know I did not understand you
Until you spoke of another lover

With poignant soliloquy you revealed your true terror
You showed me his broken bones in your teeth
With his heart and lungs removed from him

Your testimony, your very existence was proof
That the heart of the Nephilim still lives on the earth
Still looking for the seeds planted by the Master
And giving credence to the saying
You've got to hide your love away



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All work is copyrighted property of Bradley Thomas.





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