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Poetry by Brandi Watts 

Brandi lives in Missoula, MT.




© 2003  Brandi Watts





I knew it was spring

when a robin

smacked into my window

and landed on the awning

just outside

stunned but clear eyed

looked like he was

glaring at me

must be the reflection

I thought

and stood

waving my arms

to alarm the bird

-human inside-


hands in the air

the robin struck

like a rattlesnake

in an aquarium

he wants to kill me

I thought

no mistake

he knows where he's going

next day

he smacked my window again

not just once

but over and over

like a funeral drum

or dawn in Iraq

eight maybe ten times


so finally I stood up

and cranked open

half the window

go away

I shouted

under my breath

so my coworkers

wouldn't hear

he gave up

I wondered

what he thought

what he had really

given up?  




August Song


On the porch

just look at the sky throb

with the music

and he stands on the corner

swooning fireflies

through his trumpet.

The dock is swamped

with poker faces

tossing life rings to

lame ducks.

Remember the depression.

The great depression.

It's perspective.

It's the only way to know

things are good

little girls clomping

down the wooden sidewalk

dreaming of bubblegum

and shoes that fit

swaying smiling

to his sad brassy tune.

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All poems are copyrighted property of Brandi Watts.



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