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Poetry by Changming Yuan 

Changming Yuan grew up in a remote Chinese village and published several books before immigrating to Canada. With a PhD in English, Yuan currently works in Vancouver.



© 2007 Changming Yuan






At the Bubbling Beach

along the shoreline
wriggling like a loose hula
a solitary seagull
standing still
at the sandy tip
as if totally lost
in its foamy contemplation
over the distant horizon
bending like a boundless bow
widely drawn
the vast watery blue eye
of this universe
lying on its back
deep in his pupil
is an invisible arrow
ready to shoot
at the way the sea
seems to see






The Crow and the Butterfly

you like the crows in your backyard
other birds are much less plain
but they fly too high
or too far for your heart
stranded here

you envy the butterfly in your frontyard
The most beautiful
thought also most lonely
As the spring sets
under her floral wings







All work is property of Changming Yuan.




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