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Poetry by Cindy Forsburg 

Cindy lives in South Dakota.



© 2006 Cindy Forsburg






Carry yourself with dignity.
Roam across these lands as if
you were indigenous to the earth
because you are.
Hear their battle cries within you,
and carry their passion forward.
Feel the force of their shout and the ripple
throughout generations.
Let the heartbreak of their private moments
burst from you and remember
that it was all worth it and at the same time
none of it mattered,
wrenched from touch and whispers.
Sighs and smiles live on.
Reach out, for time
is a conduit, and farewells
are simply greetings across the ages
echoing the message:
we'll hold you, love
make it better.
Make it better.





All work is property of Cindy Forsburg.


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