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Poetry by Cleo Creech 

Cleo lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is the author of Mojitos and Mint Juleps.  



© 2006  Cleo Creech





Love leaves marks.

Lovers dance fingertips,

Along naked flesh.

Finger nails like

Tattoo needles,

With invisible ink.

Leaving treasure maps,

Secret messages,



So late at night,

With new loves;

As we slumber,

They pull out the

Bouncer's blacklight.

And we become

The illustrated man,

An open book.

As they decipher

The glyphs and codes,

Reading the journal

That others have

Left upon us.


They turn off the light

The ink invisible again

But never going away.

They hold you,

And sleep on it.

Decisions to make.

Reading and rewriting,

In their heads,

Who we are

Wondering just if

They are intrigued,

Or frightened,

Enough to stay or go.

To one day,

Leave their own,

Invisible tattoos.






All work is property of Cleo Creech.




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