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Poetry by Corey Messler 

Corey is the author of Chin-Chin In Eden (Still Waters Press), winner of the Moonfire Poetry Chapbook Competition, and owner of Burke's Book Store.  He lives in Tennessee.




© 2004  Corey Messler




Sex Education and Beyond


I literally learned it on the streets,

watching my older, rougher friends

imitate dogs.  My parents, when

pushed, shuffled their papers, meta-

phorically speaking, coughed into

their fists.  Later, at my brother's

house, I read about it in a book,

Everything You Always Wanted to

Know About Sex.  Until I discovered

the mechanics of it I had it all

wrong, ignorant of the second hole

women shielded with a heavenly tangle

of hair.  I made up for lost time.

When I was a freshman in high school

my girlfriend and I used the car,

the couch, her front porch, any quiet

road.  I've never lost my enthusiasm

for the whole idea, as complex as

it is.  Still, I think, when we fuck,

we poor snotty humans, we are angels.






All work is copyrighted property of Corey Messler.



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