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Cornel West  (1953 - )



"Cornel West on Truth" at Stop Smiling


"Called Far and Wide To Touch Minds" - The New York Times


The Cornel West Theory (hip-hop band) official site


West on Socrates (video)


West on Craig Ferguson's show 2010 (video)




(great authors main page)


List of Works

Democracy Matters


Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud, a Memoir


Keeping Faith: Philosophy and Race in America


African American Religious Thought (editor)


Taking Parenting Public


Prophesy Deliverance


The Courage to Hope


The Future of American Progressivism


The War Against Parents


Restoring Hope


Race Matters


Hope On a Tightrope


Jews & Blacks


The Ethical Dimensions of Marxist Thought


Heart of American Darkness


Prophetic Fragments


Breaking Bread






(not a complete list)











"[L]ike Nietzsche, we need dancing philosophers, Socrates with gaiety - poetic thinkers philosophizing under a funky groove."







"If I were told I could never read another book again, I'm not sure I could survive...I read as easily as I breathe."





















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