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Cyrus Colter (1910 - 2002)

  Cyrus wrote his first novel, The Rivers of Eros, at 60 years of age.  In his childhood, his father introduced him to Shakespeare.  "Those words melted me down," Cyrus recalled as an adult.  His literary influences include Melville and Faulkner, and he exercised "feeling tone" from his love for musical composers from Beethoven to Brahms.  (Information paraphrased from University of Illinois Board of Trustees, 1990)


"Remarks on the Passing of Cyrus Colter"


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List of Works



The Rivers of Eros


The Beach Umbrella


The Hippodrome


A Chocolate Soldier


The Amoralists & Other Tales












"I'm black, I'm a writer, and I'm interested in the black milieu, but I had to see those characters not as blacks but as human beings in a black environment."







"You grow close to your characters, and begin to share their burdens."




























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