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Poetry by Daniel Hopkins 



© 2007 Daniel Hopkins








Women, I come home from work and you better
have supper ready! And don't you dare eat
you do not deserve to. Crawl in the corner
while I eat! Tonight is the first frost of
the year and I want you to sleep outside!
Late at night I go outside and I see the
women-you- and I notice your placid brow,
truly the most peaceful demeanor the cold
wind blows all your troubles away!! I try
to sleep at night, however the wind never
carries away my troubles








When civility no longer exists,
And humanity lies in an unknown mist
The sound can still be heard!
When all those souls that where never loved
turn from putrid mud to pure white Dove
The sound can still be heard!
The Master has praised the organ in the ear
To achieve penetration far and near!
The sound is not a word, it is a meaning
A myriad sentient creatures that are dreaming







All work is property of Daniel Hopkins.




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