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Throughout his near 40 year career as a successful graphic and commercial artist, product designer and marketer of consumer products, Koffman has remained dedicated to a career not limited to "staying within the lines".  Born in 1950 and raised in Los Angeles, California, one of his first artistic ventures was a comic book for radio personality Wolfman Jack.  For over 20 years, he applied his artistic style to a broad range of over 1000 internationally marketed consumer items until relocating to the Monterey Peninsula and establishing an international advertising agency, Bottomline Communications, in 1990.  Koffman has incorporated his art and humor into countless corporate projects, injecting an unexpected and often humorous twist into otherwise traditional marketing, merchandising and advertising.

In 1985, he designed the Flag of Peace and Freedom, choosing to let the images of the sun, birds and sky express his desire for peace.  Every year, he has corresponded with the Leaders of every Country of the World.  Thus far, 31 countries have flown the Flag of Peace and Freedom.  To Koffman, that is art as communication at its most powerful.

The World's First Delicatessen Museum in Southern California is a unique example of Koffman's creative marketing.  In 1993, he produced over 30 works of three-dimensional art, including The World's Biggest Bagel (6 foot diameter) displayed crashing through the ceiling, a 5 foot Dill Pickle Blimp, and celebrity parodies such as Bread Astaire, Salami Davis, Jr. and Marilyn MonRoll.   Almost a decade later, this permanent exhibit continues to create smiles and draw spectators (and customers) from miles around.

In 1997, Koffman created the Twisted Olive Martini Collection for Lallapalooza Restaurant in Monterey, California, creating over 30 works of art around the singular theme of a pimento-stuffed green olive.

In 1999, Koffman opened his own Koffman Gallery in downtown Monterey, California. His over 1500 images celebrate People's Passions including Martinis, Wine, Golf, Coffee, Food, Movies, Critters, Jazz and even Einstein. The Gallery is located at 210 Alvarado Street, phone 831.655.3457.  His web gallery is:

Koffman has created many of the Festival Posters for events occurring in California and his unique ad campaign for Monterey County Bank, in it's sixth year, has received national attention.

In 2004, Koffman teamed up with another (very big) artist, Lisa the African Elephant, to create a series of images that celebrate life on earth. More collaboration is planned in 2005.

          Daniel Koffman works in almost every medium.  His creative force is virtually unlimited.  He is a graphic artist by training, creative artist by choice, and experienced businessman and marketing visionary. Koffman's true enjoyment, realized fully in the Koffman Gallery, lies in creating art that is unique, thought-provoking, humorous and irreverent.  "Art with a bit of a twist and a smile" is the way he describes his style.











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