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Poetry by D. B. Gallagher 

D.B. is a philosophy teacher living in Detroit, Michigan.




© 2006 D. B. Gallagher




Primary Color

Looking through the clear sheet of glass
cleaned without a single streak
out onto the mowed and manicured lawn,
I remember how Mrs. Gerber
my seventh-grade art teacher
told us that the colors
blue and green
both belong to the same family,
and after all these years
of rushing through books and places and people -
this morning
I think I may have finally understood why.






After My Appointment

White painted walls or
those painted in an
off-white which is
really a light shade of
gray are usually found in
an asylum or
at least one
of those houses in which
demented people are cared












All work is copyrighted property of D. B. Gallagher.



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