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Poetry by Debby Regan 

Debby lives in Alabama.


© 2006 Debby Regan





Mr. Santi


Dear Mr. Santi:

thank you for appearing in my dream last night.

your necktie was hound's-tooth in appearance, but actually

rather polka-dot and your face looked a little sallow.

I hope you are taking your vitamins


Mr. Santi,

you are one of two male personas

that torment me.

The other one is frizzy-haired Mr. Frisk.

 I saw him staring through the mini-blinds

while standing on my balcony

(of the first apartment I shared with Jimmy)


But you are the one who never fails

with cynical barbs

and dry condescending "wit,"

who trumpets back what the world has already said,

over and over again


I'm sure you and Mr. Frisk will get together over coffee.





All work is property of Debby Regan.


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