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Poetry by D.H. Sutherland 

D.H. Sutherland is a winner of the Rhysling Award and a Pushcart Prize nominee.



© 2011 D.H. Sutherland





Genesis, revisited


Let there be light!

should have been

let there be love.

Before the grand smashing of quasars and quarks, before the nebulous blast of

itinerant particles filled primordial space, well before Alpha sans Omega…

It should have been

how I teach you to play on a piano’s ivory face and your gentle musing

between notes, a little chaste, a little timid.


Well before Odysseus sails through history’s track, and Buddha’s great

atonement beneath Bo.

Before the Caesar and Gandhi and Christ!

How wonderful your fingers find notes

on a keyboard of ascending thrones.

Trace it, follow me, one more time…


Before the night finds your head on pillow and your feet carve a niche under


Before this soft voice against your cheek tells the dawn of your majesty, but

can only whisper in the silence let there be love.










All work is property of D.H. Sutherland.




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