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Poetry/photo by Dorothee Lang & Eric Wrisley  

Dorothee Lang is a German writer and net artist. She is author of Masala Moments and editor of the BluePrintReviewEric Wrisley lives and works in Akron, Ohio.  He is editor of Cautionary Tale.



© 2006 Dorothee Lang & Eric Wrisley



photo by Dorothee Lang



(This poem originate in an e-mail conversation between Dorothee Lang and Eric Wrisley.)


you took it and bent it


the sky is still drifting,

like everything else, the hours, the alleys,

and you all wrapped in this strange


unplanned turn of events,
echoes and reflections

of another time


they blur the edges

between awake

and asleep


while i enter the park

and walk the three mile trail

in arctic air


to figure out the meaning

of two night stands

and shared breakfasts


later, on the way to the place

where we met last week, same time

i pull into wrong lanes twice


scolding myself for my lack of attention

while i try to piece together an explanation

that is funny but also true


and drive yet another circle

hoping not be recognized

in those backstreets


by familiar faces in a window

who watch my attempts to escape

the possibility


that you are really there


for me








All work is property of Dorothee Lang & Eric Wrisley.




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