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Dorothy Thompson (1894 - 1961)

Dorothy (the "Blue-Eyed Tornado") was once wife to Sinclair Lewis and outspoken critic of Nazi Germany and seedy social/political behavior/action in the U.S.


Dorothy Thompson on the radio September 1939


Time magazine archives - 1939: "Pressure Groups"


Dorothy on the cover of Time magazine 1939





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"On the Record" column, New York Tribune, Ladies home Journal, etc.



"The subjection of means to ends is the final eclipse of public and private morality. The lie becomes the instrument for achieving what is conceived to be the public good."






"And let us not be confused by the words 'liberal' and 'conservative' or misled into thinking that the expressed will of the majority is the essence of democracy...The essence of democracy is the protection of minorities. Nor has a majority of this generation the right to mortgage the majority of the next." 




























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