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Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821 - 1881)

Dostoyevsky excelled in writing psychological novels centered on characters' inner conflicts, motives, and fears.  Characters usually embodied ideas.  He tended toward Romanticism despite the realism of his day (Tolstoy, Turgenev, etc.).  God and Man, God-Man versus Man-God, good and evil, individualism versus collectivism, moral purpose versus "all things are lawful," were primary subjects of his works.


"The Grand Inquisitor"

"Kant's Aesthetics in Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground"

Dostoyevsky texts at


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List of Books


The Brothers Karamazov


The Idiot




The Insulted and Injured


Poor Folk and Other Stories


The Gambler


Crime and Punishment


Notes From The House of the Dead


Notes From The Underground


A Raw Youth






(not a complete list)


The awful thing is that beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and the devil are fighting there and the battlefield is the heart of man.



Without a firm idea of himself and the purpose of his life, man cannot live, and would sooner destroy himself than remain on earth, 

even if he was surrounded by bread.




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