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Poetry by Doug Draime 

Doug is the author of Unoccupied Zone and Spiders and Madmen.  He lives in Oregon.


© 2005 Doug Draime


Everybody Has Something To Say

You expect
my endless
But my
is not
endless ...
  only your
I'm willing
to compromise:
  you lower
  your voice
  to a
  & I'll
      plug up
      one of
          my ears.







 Living Off The Land
 Nothing changes. The
 directions blew away
 in the tornado. Music
 plays on the radio but
 is turned so low
 can't tell whether it's
 Ernest Tubbs
 or Willie Nelson.
 The cat sleeps under
 the bath tub,
 curled up on an old copy
 of Time magazine: one
 with Richard Nixon
 on the cover.  A farmer
 down the road shot
 his wife, his brother-in-law,
 and himself. Neighbors
 bring food to the 18 year
 old surviving son.
 The grandfather clock
 on the wall
 is 3 years old
 won in a Kroger
 grocery store
 raffle. The t.v. set gets
 150 channels, all with
 fuzzy vertical hold.





All work is property of Doug Draime.


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