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Poetry by Dustin Brookshire 

Dustin is a poet, an activist and the founder of Limp Wrist, Quarrel, Project Verse, and Poetry Swap.  His forthcoming poetry collection, To The One Who Raped me, is soon to be published by Pudding House Press.  Dustin lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  Visit his site.



© 2009 Dustin Brookshire







The smell of Ivory burns my mind:

The shower after—

how I barely touched myself,

let the water wash over me. 

I won't. No. I can't forget his smell.


Ivory, so close to irony,

how we once craved to be close,

bodies connected, but that night

he took what he wanted,

left me the smell of Ivory.





for Andrew


I was raped

isn't like saying,

I need a glass of water.

Or, asking,

May I go to the bathroom?


It is flame to skin.


Knife stabbed in stomach.



It is a locked door,

finally opened,

never to be locked again.








All work is property of Dustin Brookshire.




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