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Edgar Lee Masters  (1860 - 1950)



Spoon River Anthology online


"An Essay on Theodore Roosevelt" by Edgar Lee Masters


Toward the Gulf by Edgar Lee Masters





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List of Works

Spoon River Anthology


The New Spoon River


Across Spoon River


The New Star Chamber and Other Essays


Blood of the Prophets




The Great Valley


Toward the Gulf


Starved Rock


Mitch Miller


Domesday Book


The Open Sea


Children of the Market Place


Skeeters Kirby


The Nuptial Flight




Selected Poems


Kit O'Brien


Levy Mayer and the New Industrial Order


Fate of the Jury


Gettysburg, Manila, Acoma




Lincoln the Man


The Serpent in the Wilderness


The Tale of Chicago


Invisible Landscapes


Poems of People


The Golden Fleece of California


The Tide of Time




The New World


Mark Twain


More People


Illinois Poems


Along the Illinois





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"I had had too much study in verse, too much practice too, to be interested in such worthless experiments as polyphonic prose, an innovation as absurd as Dadaism or Cubism or Futurism or Unanimism, all grotesqueries of the hour, and all worthless, since they were without thought, sincerity, substance."







Minerva Jones

I am Minerva, the village poetess,
Hooted at, jeered at by the Yahoos of the street
For my heavy body, cock-eye, and rolling walk,
And all the more when "Butch" Weldy
Captured me after a brutal hunt.
He left me to my fate with Doctor Meyers;
And I sank into death, growing numb from the feet up,
Like one stepping deeper and deeper into a stream of ice.
Will some one go to the village newspaper,
And gather into a book the verses I wrote?--
I thirsted so for love
I hungered so for life!






















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