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Poetry by Faith de Savigne 

Faith lives in Sydney, Australia.




© 2009 Faith de Savigne




Someone You Know, Knows

Something’s out of place

Someone didn’t come home

            This morning

Some body was found

Someone was called

Some cops came around

            The running sheet started

            The coroner gave a time

Someone has lied

Some strain an excuse

Some hair was found

            A favourite shirt is gone

            There’s tracks in the dirt

Some time is lost

Someone saw something

Some won’t say           

            Where were you?

            Were you really?

Some hunt their minds

Some leave a tight smile

Some sad silence

            There’s a hole in our lives

            We might have dug it

Someone’s no longer around

Somewhere life hasn’t changed

Some find it hard now

            To keep living in this town








All work is property of Faith de Savigne.




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