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Francis A. Schaeffer (transcribed from various texts)




"Logical positivism claims to lay the foundation for each step as it goes along, in a rational way.  Yet in reality it puts forth no theoretical universal to validate its very first step.  Positivists accept that, though they present no logical reason why this should be so, what reaches them from the 'outside' may be called 'data', i.e. has objective validity...At once I said, 'How do you know, on the basis of logical positivism, that it is data?'"



"[I]n practice a man cannot totally reject the methodology of antithesis...unless he experiences the total alienation from himself caused by some form of mental breakdown."



"Probably the best way to describe this concept of modern theology is to say that it is faith in faith, rather than faith directed to an object which is actually there."




"[Leonardo da Vinci] understood that man beginning from himself would never be able to come to meaning on the basis of mathematics.  And he knew that having only individual things, particulars, one could never come to universals or meaning and thus one only ends with mechanics...Everything, including man, is the machine."



"What is despair?  It arises from the abandonment of the hope of a unified answer for knowledge and life...Modern man has given up his hope of unity and lives in despair - the despair of no longer thinking that what has always been the aspiration of men is at all possible."






"[T]he basis of [Marquis] de Sade's sadism was his concept of determinism.  De Sade's position was that what is, is right."



"The soul is not more important than the body.  God made the whole man and the whole man is important."



"People today are trying to hang on to the dignity of man, and they do not know how to because they have lost the truth that man is made in the image of God."



"The result of seeking for a unity on the basis of the uniformity of natural causes in a closed system is that freedom does not exist."



"At Berkeley the Free Speech Movement arose...At first it was politically neither left nor right, but rather a call for freedom to express any political views on Sproul Plaza.  Then soon the Free Speech Movement becamse the Dirty Speech Movement, in which freedom was seen as shouting four-letter words [swear words] into a mike.  Soon after, it became the platform for the political New Left..."



"[E]verything is not the result of the impersonal plus time plus chance, but...there is an infinite-personal God who is the Creator of the universe, the space-time continuum."




" one has yet shown how man could have been brought forth from non-man solely by time plus chance."











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