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Poetry by Gerald Bosacker 

Gerald lives in Paragoul, Arizona.  Visit his site.





© 2008 Gerald Bosacker







Isaac Newton watched an apple fall

and then decided  gravity was law

which indicates to me a fatal flaw,

since that doesn't explain gravity at all.

Each hollow molecule's concavity

has vacuum that sucks on the next,

and this great suction simply collects

and that's how we get gravity.









Praise the paleontologists,

learned men who unerringly create

a skeleton which each insists

is realness we can not debate.

Passed dinosaurs have lost their meat,

leaving lots of fossilized bone.

Do guesses make them complete,

no skeleton gaps left unknown?

Does imagination help them know

the entity they would restore

and where each piece of bone should go

to make their ancient dinosaur?

















All work is copyrighted property of Gerald Bosacker.




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