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Harold Bloom  (1930 - )

  Bloom is responsible for two of the most compelling studies of the last century: The Western Canon - The Books and School of the Ages and Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human.


The aristocratic age list from Bloom's Western Canon


"Reflections in the Evening Land" - Harold Bloom, The Guardian 2005


Vice magazine's interview with Bloom 2008


Bloom on the Charlie Rose show



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List of Works



Agon: Towards a Theory of Revisionism


The Anxiety of Influence


The Art of Reading Poetry


A Map of Misreading


The Western Canon: The Books and Schools of the Ages




Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human


The Breaking of the Vessels


Fallen Angels


The Flight to Lucifer


The Ringers in the Tower


The American Religion: The Emergence of the Post-Christian Nation


Deconstruction and Criticism




How To Read and Why






(not a complete list)





"I think that academic tenure is an archaic and malicious institution,
and I think it should be abolished everywhere. It was meant to
protect freedom of thought and expression from university
administrations or outward public and societal or even congressional
pressures, but that isn't the way it has worked. It has worked so as
to impose a kind of massive conformity in American colleges and
universities and, indeed, by now, in secondary schools as well. "





 "We have to read Shakespeare, and we have to study Shakespeare. We have to study Dante. We have to read Chaucer. We have to read Cervantes. We have to read the Bible, at least the King James Bible...They provide an intellectual, I dare say, a spiritual value which has nothing to do with organized religion or the history of institutional belief...They not only tell us things that we have forgotten, but they tell us things we couldn't possibly know without them, and they reform our minds."






















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