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Robert Heinlein (1907 - 1988)

Heinlein was not only a stellar, prolific science-fiction writer, he also was an astute champion for individual freedom, servile government over tyranny, and a worldview that could be considered largely libertarian.  His books repeatedly featured principles of liberty.


The Heinlein Society

Review of "All You Zombies"

A Survey Of Heinlein Commentary And Criticism link


List of Books


Citizen Of The Galaxy


The Door Into Summer




Job: A Comedy Of Justice


The Puppet Masters


Starship Troopers


I Will Fear No Evil


Red Planet


Starman Jones


The Number Of The Beast


Revolt In 2100


Tunnel In The Sky


Podkayne Of Mars


The Cat Who Walks Through Walls


Sixth Column


Stranger In A Strange Land


Time Enough For Love


To Sail Beyond The Sunset


The Green Hills Of Earth



(not a complete list)



"Brethren and sisters, have you ever stopped to think that there has not been one rational decision out of the Oval Office for fifty years?  An all-female government could not possibly be worse than what we have been enduring.  

Let's try it!"






"...the draft is involuntary servitude, immoral, and unconstitutional no matter what the Supreme Court says."






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