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Poetry by Jason Sturner 

Jason is the author of Kairos, 10 Love Poems, and Selected Poems 2004-2007.  He lives in Illinois.  Visit his blog.




© 2009 Jason Sturner





Arachnophobia Cured! Or, Extinguishing the Autumnal Fear of House-Penetrating Ladybugs


Late last night

the ladybugs came to get me

            to swarm over me

in the dark.


And this morning

I’d have woken up eaten

            if it weren’t

for the spiders.







Before the Storm Wet the Earth


A ladybug landed on my knee

as I sat alone in a meadow

awaiting the rain.


With its tiny head cocked

and a trust in my silence

it seemed to ask,


"Do you think I am beautiful?"


But all I could do

was look away

and wonder what stories

my face was telling.





All work is property of Jason Sturner.




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