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Poetry by J.D. Heskin 

J.D. lives in Minnesota.



© 2006  J.D. Heskin





I buy my love with dollars,
pesos, francs and yen;
I pay for love, I'll pay again.
It is a business soon forgotten,
of that I will concede,
as I search within my pockets
for the money that I need.
A frantic, wistful type of love
that's bought, but not to keep,
an hour here, an hour there -
all night is much too steep.
A few sly looks, a laugh or two,
and love the way two lovers do,
all in one quick rendezvous.
I buy my love, now and then;
I pay for love, I'll pay again.





All work is property of J.D. Heskin.




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