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Poetry by J.D. Nelson 

J.D. lives in Boulder County, Colorado.



© 2005 J.D. Nelson




Credit Check

Underwear bomb:
Thigh shrapnel,
too hot for this church.

I'm falling again.
I've been saving wax --
I have enough
for another sculpture.

This time, I won't
leave it out in the sun.

I've put at least 50,000
miles on my feet.

I'm singing to myself now.
I'm wired & baking as I bask
in the thin winter sunlight.

What a shadow!

Forget those "cash only"
places -- we'll find a
good steakhouse
& eat all of their
bleu cheese.



Green Comet

Pushpin pull-apart
cinnamon sugar swirl
& a nice cup of
coffee -- do I detect
a hint of vanilla?

Break off a chunk
of tooth & cry into
your raisin bran --

no milk, only
grapefruit juice.

I pucker.

My face crumples up
like the 23rd draft --
ahh, the graceful arc
of revision!

I'm out of numbers --

I'll use letters:
20/20 -- my numbers
are back!

no service charges
for now? what will I
ever do w/ this
extra cash?

let's go to the








All work is property of J.D. Nelson.




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