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Poetry by Jilly Apple 



© 2005 Jilly Apple





Take a moment now to breathe
And lift yourself from the sidewalk
Your belongings are all scattered
And you lost your way from the backdoor.
You've skinned your knees again
But you walk away nonchalantly
Nothing ever fazed you
Until they finally got through
I used to see your face,
On these streets exhausting my evenings
What went before, our point in time,
I keep searching for us without avail.
And the girl at the counter in her white skirt
And high little sandals
Letting me peak at her thighs as I browse nonchalantly
Through shelves of incense and candles
I make conversation and ask her opinion
And while her mouth opens to answer me
I peak at her soft pink tongue
Forming words that I cling to
In this hazy daydream I push your hair from your face
The way he used to push mine away
But it's different this time
Because I mean it this time
Or are you just another of my naughty little kicks.









All work is property of Jilly Apple.




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