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Humor poetry by Jim Pinto 

Jim is the founder (formerly President & CEO) of Action Instruments, technology futurist, Angel investor, speaker, writer, Industrial Automation commentator, analyst & consultant.  Says Jim: "To liven up the staid and often humorless industrial automation business atmosphere, I've tried my hand at poetic satire." 

 He lives in San Diego, CA.




© 1998 - 2001   Jim Pinto

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'Twas Thomas Penfield Jackson's court,
Joel Klein the key cohort
With Janet's Reno's full support
For the legal mugging of Microsoft


Sun's McNealy was crying out loud
Netscape and AOL joined the crowd
Oracle, IBM not too proud
To join the mugging of Microsoft


The supporting witnesses came in vain
Penfield brushed 'em off with disdain
Microsoft has too much to gain
Proceed with the mugging of Microsoft


Joel then he made a speech
Complimenting all and praising each
Praising Janet for her reach
In the legal mugging of Microsoft


Concession points and remedies
Anti-competitive decrees
Million dollars a day in penalties
For the legal mugging of Microsoft


As the tale continues to unfold
Microsoft's stock-price continues to hold
And Penfield ponders how he'll scold
In the legal mugging of Microsoft








(to the tune of The Beatles' "When I'm 64")


When I was young, had more of my hair
Many years ago
I was always busy going off somewhere
Working hard, not a minute to spare

The years clicked by quickly one by one
Till I worked no more
I wasn't fired I just retired
Now I'm sixty-four.

You are older too
All of our pals and friends
Grown old with me and you

I can be handy mending a fuse
When our lights have gone
We rise and shine and run around the countryside
Every morning go for a ride

Getting a discount when dining out
Movies, plays and more
Regular exerciser, older and wiser
Now I'm sixty-four.

Day and night my email beeps
With cable modem always on
Almost seems like work
When it's late at night
Ideas flood my mind
Poems flow just right

Send me an email, click me a line
Stating point of view
Indicate precisely what you mean to say is ready to play

From my bully pulpit observing the world
My website is my door
I'm a defender, no hidden agenda
Now I'm sixty-four.








(originally published in Upside, February 1998)


"You are filthy rich, Bill,
And it's time to fulfill,"
Quoth the devil, "So let's not delay.
You sold me your soul;
You must pay the toll,
And I've come now to take you away!"

"You gave me that plea
When I gave you for free
IBM on its knees!" Satan teased.
"You keep wanting more
Than Rockefeller before--
Pray when will you ever be pleased?"

"How much more do you need?"
The devil decreed.
He spat out some fire and cursed.
"I gave you all the applause
That Windows was yours
When Apple invented it first!"

"Netscape was not
My domain, you forgot,"
Satan spat. "You got lazy, and late!
Besides, I was the guy
Who let Apple fry
And gave you Jobs' head on a plate!"

"This Java's a shove
From the big guy above!"
Says the ghoul as his fiery breath fades.
Bill replied, "We can stop it,
We'll easily drop it,
It won't work with Explorer upgrades!"

"Next we'll make a mess;
We'll take over the press
Move the White House to Redmond--the best!
That just leaves the Church,
That's the end of your search!"
And Satan was really impressed!






All poems are copyrighted property of Jim Pinto.



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