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Poetry by John Bryan 



© 2005 John Bryan






have never seen you

in mufti

your shirt sculpts

two titian eyes misty on your

chest, focusing themselves

to wink civilian.

would they respond alert

to a suck salute?

the deposed uniform handed

back all pink bits

held hostage for pinches & grabs

that were never in your

job description after

the five day working

war who do you

protect and










unwanted familiars

go purr all omens on the great

dividing fence tom's barb

reeks of a tuna hangover

grimalkin tongue

upon the long meow

moggy curiosity

carves scents on the window

mewling is for all types

expecting the same sandpaper rough

siamese seconds

cleaved in half

by a witch's broom








All work is property of John Bryan.


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