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Poetry by John Hall 

John writes plays, prose, and poetry.  He is also the editor of Citizen32, which is slated to be launched in October 2004.  He lives in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England.




© 2003/2004  John Hall




A Childish Snap
the impatient posed
of me age six,
a look down
betrays my love
of dandelions
and beetles,
thirty eight
years later,
it still does.








I sleep naked
I wake clothed
What the hell

I live awake
I die asleep
What a way
to heaven!

I died naked
I lived clothed
Was life just
nature's fashion?







Breakfast Suicide
A cold morning kiss
colours my glass
makes the day
a guess,
the fire makes me
a promise it keeps
my toast is pink
and buttered
with sweat,
I turn it over
and decide
to burn it









All poems are copyrighted property of John Hall.



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