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Poetry by Joseph Masanga 

Joseph was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and now lives in Hungary.  He says, "I keep the childlike attitude I had since I started poetry, in my opinion it all comes from the heart: poetry is a gift from God, it should be natural and enjoyable and definitely not forced."



© 2009 Joseph Masanga





the call

“Where were you when I called?”

This was my question on the phone.

Let me take you back to when it began,

So you can understand the meaning of this question.

On that special day, Sarah and I went out for lunch,

We met as usual next to the bus station.

She was late, which was strange,

Because it’s not in her habits to be late;

I wasn’t very happy, but I said:

“OK no need to make a drama”

She replied: “I took care of my mama”

Again, her saying this was strange,

Because it’s not in her habits to give explanations.

Then we eventually went for lunch,

We ate, we spoke, and then we relaxed.

Suddenly she told me:

“I have to go to the restroom”,

I looked at her and smiled.

She headed to the restroom.

After 45 minutes, I thought:

Something must be wrong with her.

But I kept waiting.

After 2 hours of waiting, my patience was gone.

I called her, and asked the question on the first line,

She answered: “I was making love with my main man”.



Sometimes you just want to cry,

And you don’t know why;

Sometimes you can’t be the best,

Realizing we are equal,

Pride tries to tell you the opposite,

But in reality everything comes from God.

Destroy the ego, you find out you are not special.

What did you do to receive the skills and abilities you have?

Nothing, it was given to you freely,

So why boast?

The credit is not yours but God’s.

Sometimes you feel weak, but you pretend to be strong.

Simply wasting time and energy,

Stop being you, stop being greedy,

Simply be us.








All work is property of Joseph Masanga.




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