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Poetry by Joseph Reich 

Joseph is a social worker from Massachusetts.





© 2008 Joseph Reich





Civilization 101





the hot ice man dead-asleep in truck outside the luxury hotel at dawn





the world news delivered to damp curb





a sign put up in the lobby for the cosmetologist convention





the salesmen who are "good family men" 

still fast-asleep in a drunk stupor


after a night out on the town

with drag queens and hookers.







from "Holiday-Like Stanzas":




At The Peak Of...


    A fire-truck drizzled in drizzle
                             cruising from the city
                                                 rattling to the woods


                                                         You go down to the ocean
                                                                            to come to terms
                                                                                      with your dreams & nightmares


                                             The old wicked man in bifocals


                               Mermaids having seizures


            Tractors tugging caravans
     at the close of season


                                                                    Carnival animals catching a breath of fresh air


                                                                                               The wolves and the windsurfers 



                She unzips her suit in the dunes                                                                                      
                                      (all the best laid plans...)



                                                        Out here they really do have hair like corn silk
                                                                       and are natural and blush the breezy breath of apples      
                                                                                                    and you being the male that you are


                           paradoxically yet appropriately
       think of them in compromising positions


                                                            (They have a melancholy
                                                                             salt-of-the-earth way about them


                                                                                            always the girls from the country
                                                                                                   from the ocean from the mountains)


                                  The field-hockey girls and ballerinas
                                                                dropped off in the whipping winds


               Glistening ladybugs
                              and praying-mantis
















All work is copyrighted property of Joseph Reich.




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