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Katherine Anne Porter (1890 - 1980)

  Katherine Anne Porter excelled at writing about folks' darker sides and society's weaknesses.  She won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.



Interview with Katherine Ann Porter at The Paris Review, Winter-Spring 1963


"The Never-Ending Wrong" - Katherine Ann Porter, The Atlantic Monthly, June 1977


"Sincerely Theirs: Letters As Literature" - Reynolds Price, The New York Times on the Web, May 1990


"A Writer's Writer: Preserving the Archives of Katherine Anne Porter" - Sara E. Wilson, Humanities, Sept./Oct. 1998





List of Works


Flowering Judas


Old Mortality




The Days Before


Pale Horse, Pale Rider


Noon Wine


A Defense of Circe


Collected Stories


The Old Order




Ship Of Fools


The Leaning Tower


The Never-Ending Wrong










(not a complete list)



"It's a man's world, and you men can have it."


"I shall try to tell the truth, but the result will be fiction."






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