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Poetry by Kenneth Brown 

Kenneth is a Technical Sergeant in the United States Air Force who serves in Iraq and "would like thank everyone for
their prayers, support and continuing efforts to bring the troops home".  His residence is in Byron, Georgia.




© 2007  Kenneth Brown






Soldier Tears

One night in Iraq a soldier looked to the sky.
He posed a question to God as to why.
"Why all the fighting? I don't understand,"
Was the question he asked as he stood in the sand.
He searched the heavens high above,
Thinking "If we truly are one world, then where is the love?"
And that's when he saw it: shining so bright
His question answered.
A tear fell from his eye.
The kids had always known it; now he knew it too.
The Little Dipper flies over the Middle East too.






All work is property of Kenneth Brown.




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