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Poetry by Kim Schroeder 

A former mental health nurse, Kim now lives in Seabrook, Texas.





© 2007 Kim Schroeder






I Knew Noah


You took the tablets --

devoid of reason?

I think not.

You'd figured exodus

was through a toxic gate.


A steady hand

sifted the medication

in twos,

endless pairs

from a bottomless bottle.

A steady hand 

poured your last drink.


People rave about cowardice

bang on about the easy option

as if your illness was a choice.

They're wrong.


I know you thought you were ark-building.

I know how methodical you were,

how neat your handwriting was,

though you didn't leave a note.


I know you thought you were saving us,

I know you were focused,


but you weren't right.

And now our tears flood.
















All work is copyrighted property of Kim Schroeder.





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