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Poetry by Laura Blake 

Laura is a teacher of special-needs students and yoga as well as a tutor.  She lives in Connecticut.




© 2005 Laura Blake




That I could lead you into mythic battle
or inspire you to move one inch
from where it started.
How much ocean battlement
stretches between us?
Would you really swim in that depth
knowing of the bodies?
Agamemnon and Menelaus battling for a city and
for a love and
for their parents recognition.
Was it all just sibling rivalry gone horribly wrong ?
Is the epic just simple,
would epics end if there had been great psychotherapy?
Would you stop looking at me
if you could access the Helpline
more often?
Plunging, purging, opening the
vaults and taking over cities
always required less work than
conversation on the homestead.
Fires burning in other pastures more appealing
and grasses all disappeared along with the
fallen turrets, broken walls,
this destruction simpler.
Battling over fortress and mountain
in a rage
in the name of beauty
in the name of a cause.
It was never about her.
It was never about me.















All work is copyrighted property of Laura Blake.



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