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Poetry by Laurence Overmire 

Laurence Overmire is an actor/director/writer who has worked on stage, film and television.  His often socially important poetry has been published by Kimera to Poetry Down Under.  He lives in West Linn, Oregon.




© 2003  Laurence Overmire




Castor Oil

Art has to be foisted on people


Pushed through the doors of indifference

Stuck on billboards of vacant mind


Paid for in guilt, tax-free

Conscience of the inhospitable State



There will be no Art


Only the creativity of the void of

Cornering Markets.






Word loaded

Shotgun wise


No powder puffed

On barren ground


Of intellect miss



Cap and hammer

Deep bore


Through bone and flesh

Death to life


In a moment






Shooting Ducks

The thing had no specific

Identifiable features by any known

Quantifiable standard or norm


They put a nice disparaging




On it

To measure and

Distinguish their considerable

Contempt for what they


To be true.






All poems are copyrighted property of Laurence Overmire.



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