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Poetry by Lisa Zaran 

Lisa Zaran is author of a few books including The Blondes Lay Content and The Sometimes Girl.  She lives in Arizona.  Visit her official site.



© 2006 Lisa Zaran







when you are unaware.
I hope I am being sincere
when I say I would not eat your flesh
but I could.  It looks that delicious.
I could eat your fingernails one by one.
Slurp your hair off your head like strings of spaghetti.
There must be something terribly wrong with me,
some black seed of lust buried deep in my soul,
to actually want to feast on someone.
You are so beautiful I suppose.
That is all.  I would never actually harm you.
Jaw for breakfast, ribcage for lunch.
I am innocent.








All work is property of Lisa Zaran.




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