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Poetry by Lisa Zaran 

Lisa Zaran is author of a few books including The Blondes Lay Content, The Sometimes Girl, and Subtraction Flower.  She lives in Arizona.  Visit her official site.



© 2006 Lisa Zaran







The truth of the matter is
I'd rather you see me undressed
with my hair a mess
no saintly make-up to save
my skin

not a shred of decency
to my name,
smallish breasts on
a small frame, a belly
that once turned heads
in its pre-child bearing
glory days

thighs that still run long
and neat but they too
have been submerged
in the marshes of motherhood
and time, that ever constant

I'd rather you see me undressed
for I long to hide nothing
not even a freckle
or childhood scar and yes,
most of all, I want you to see
that my merchandise is still good.







All work is property of Lisa Zaran.




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