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Poetry by Louie Crew 

Louie is author of Sunspots (1976) Midnight Lessons (1987), Lutibelle's Pew (1990), and Queers! for Christ's Sake! (2003).  More info HERE.  His papers are collected by the University of Michigan.




© 2010 Louie Crew






No Wafer


I want to stroke and kiss your hair,
to swizzle its sheen in a dark
esophagus, where golden wires plunge 
wonder through tunnels we've tongued,
beyond the palate's ocean. 


A dull buzz reels me to the instant
we first stood naked and cold,
listening to wooden notes in fuzz.


A simple trance is all we need
to sustain this stance.









All work is property of Louie Crew.




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