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Poetry by Mahin Ali Khan 

Mahin lives in India.  She works as a copywriter in a multimedia firm.  She is also a lover of all forms of the written word and a passionate poet.




© 2004  Mahin Ali Khan






1. I said, "I love you always."

You smiled and quietly said, I know.

2. I'm going to ask so much of you, but it's not for me.


Because you can.

3. You are my water and I have come to drink.

To fill, to break, and be


I have come to be broken open

To be broken open is to flow-

Break for me.

Break open and break me.


4. You are my water and I your bay,

Your tide calling your ocean floor.

Your air

Take my hand and walk into...


5. ... "We're going under", you said that once-

But I will surface and bring you air

until you learn to breathe.

6. Open

Your eyes and look

(We're under water now)

See me seeing you

Like the first time,

Like always.






April Conclusions


Years go by.

Look, that's us

Right where we left us

The last time.

People enter and then leave.

There are no vacancies here

No empty seats in the waiting room


We remain,

Changedly, unchanging so.

So like writing on sand, no?


Tide ebbs and flows.

We come, we go, but stay

To leave some thing behind each time

To return to. And we do.

We are never truly lost

(to each other, that is, but often to our own selves).

Not ever, not truly, and yes

That is of some consolation to me.







All poems are copyrighted property of Mahin Ali Khan.



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