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Poetry by Makini Raziya Slaughter 

Makini lives in Norcross, Georgia.




© 2004  Makini Raziya Slaughter





Why can't a fine woman

get a good man ta pay her attention ?

Sum act like we don't even deserve a mention


Why is it men want a freak in da bedroom,

But can't go out an' buy a bottle o' per fume?


U waltz around proclaimin' u da man

But won't clean my house or lend a helpin' hand


And what about my complex mind?

U too busy starin' at my shapely behind!


I'm good enough ta be yo baby momma

when I threaten ta leave u say I'm causin' drama


Hittin' me up fa money

Sweet talkin' and tryin' ta get u sum honey


Shoulda got wit' yo best friend

Naw, lemme stop, dwellin' on what shoulda-coulda been



Givin' us a so- called symbolic ring

What good is it if she calls u king?


Embarrassin' da hell out o' us

Instead of a car, comin' home on a bus


Forgot da anniversary

Wonder why we say, "gimme back da damn key!"


 Impelling us ta shield our fatherless daughters

Because of an act of brutal manslaughter


Black women stay strong

Teach yo chil'ren and yourselves ta fight what is wrong


Don't cry tears over a gent 

And don't...lament.




All work is copyrighted property of Makini Raziya Slaughter.



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