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Poetry by Marie Lecrivain 

Marie is executive editor and publisher of poeticdiversity.  Her latest poetry collection, Antebellum Messiah, is now available.




© 2009 Marie Lecrivain





every morning in my neighborhood
is marked by a moment of stillness;
there's no traffic moving along la cienega blvd.,
the crows are asleep in the palm trees,
and my next-door neighbor's tailless,
single, visaged descendant of cerberus
has finally found some measure of peace
hunkered down on concrete steps.
but, then comes the clarion call of dawn
to restart the whole riotous process of
this microcosm again... and, with
my eyes watering and my heart
pounding, it is - in this moment -
that i come to understand
how piercing the
silence of light
can be...








All work is property of Marie Lecrivain.




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