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Poetry by Marie Lecrivain 

Marie is the executive editor of poeticdiversity (  She lives in L.A.




© 2005 Marie Lecrivain





He'll never hear the question:

" does it feel to be crucified?"

while his privacies

and proclivities are washed away

in the atomic light.


His eyes say;

It was never supposed to happen..this way.

I can't even leave the house anymore!

All his artistic aspirations

hadn't prepared him for

a stint as a media whore, and

he'd never heeded

the seventh commandment

of self-preservation:

"The stronger your despair,

the more of "you" will bleed

into the carpet."


When a poet writhes in the spotlight,

stick to the honesty of shadows...

and cobblestones.






All work is copyrighted property of Marie Lecrivain.






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